Video and Stills #4 - Quick tip for Nikon users

I currently use Nikon D750 bodies - for what I do they offer a cost effective solution. They give me what I need at a good price point and are great little cameras.

To use the Nikon D750 for video you have switch to video liveview then you depress the red record button next to the shutter button to start filming. The red button is annoyingly small and easy to miss. A quick Google will offer the solution to customise the controls to allow the shutter release button to start recording whilst in video liveview. This is briliant and much easier for those not trying to multitask like us hybrid video and stills shooters. But and it is a big but for me - if you have the liveview switch in the video position even if you don’t have live view activated the shutter release button will not operate the shutter. This means if you are shooting stills and video you will have to keep alternating the liveview button from video to stills. Not a solution when we want to be able to seamlessly flick from video to still photography. 

 Anyway the point of this post and I appreciate it has taken me a while to get there! If you shoot video and stills but not at the same time then customising the controls is a good idea. If however you are like me then leave it as it is and get used to that little red button. 

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