Video and Stills #1 - The start of the journey

Video is becoming part of my working life. I am a photographer first, video man second. Expectations of customers is changing rapidly and more and more clients now want some sort of video alongside their pictures.

Where do I stand on this? It is easy to kick back and say it is difficult or not possible. It is very difficult but it is possible. If you are working alone what you can provide will be limited. My intention is to provide a rough and ready offering. If you are looking for beautifully produced video then I am not your man. If you want something similar to VLOG work then perhaps I can help.

Over the coming weeks I will be blogging the challenges of run and gun video alongside normal event photography. I will be talking about equipment, best practice and editing and sharing lessons learned along the way. 

In the meantime here is one of my first event videos, This was filmed by me whilst taking pictures of the event. It was edited and delivered on the day. Far from perfect and lots to talk about but this is the sort of thing I am producing.

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