Video and Stills #2 - Initial Problems

My aim is to provide video coverage whilst carrying out my primary role which is taking pictures. I must stress again that video is secondary for me but if I am going to do it I want it to be as good as possible 

On a normal day, be it press, PR or a wedding I typically carry two bodies. One has the 70-200 the other either a 24-70 or 17-35, this body always has a flash mounted. That said sometimes particularly at weddings I use a pair of primes - 28mm and 85mm usually but we will park that for now.

For video use I am going to need an ND filter if any of the filming is outside and a microphone as good sound is a requirement. So immediately I have a problem … 

Problem 1 - Should I add mics and filters to both cameras or just one? For the time being I have decided to use the camera with the shorter lens as my primary video camera. So on this camera I normally have the ND filter and microphone. There is still nothing to stop me using the other camera for video too but it won’t have the mic and filter.

Problem 2 - How do you attach a flash and microphone simultaneously. I looked at various rigs and brackets but stumbled upon the. This effectively is a hot shoe doubler that maintains full TTL functionality. I have used it once, it seems to work and is incredible value for money!

The cheapo hot shoe doubler

Problem 3 - Stabilisation. Any video training course would advise using a tripod but that really is not an option for me. I have gone for a video monopod (Manfrotto 560b) with a lightweight fluid head (Manfrotto 128rc). This works well but can be cumbersome especially when carrying two cameras. Problem 4 - How the hell am I going to carry all of this, and move around - and take pictures which is the main task. I am not going to answer this now but will follow up in future installments.

Using Format